The other day I was running and I was contemplating how we decided not to give out any end of year awards because... well if you don't understand this probably isn't the group for you.  But then I had a thought.  How cool would it be if we all shared what our goals were for 2015, and then at the end of 2015 we saw how many were completed?  What if we as a group of people helped each other complete those goals.  How fucking cool would that be?


So lets do this.  Fill out the form below with what your goal is for 2015.  I don't care if its fucking running or life related or anything.  And then in January i'll share what everybody's goals is on this page and then we can fucking help each other achieve our goals.  How fantastic would that be.  Were a family of trail running, dirty mouthed, sexy, smart fuckers.  We can help each other achieve greatness.  If your goal is to run 100 Miles, all of us will fucking cheer for you and pace you and crew for you and give you a nice slow clap when you finish.  If you have some pretty lady and you want to propose to her, we'll fucking serenade the shit out of her with sexy dancing until she says yes.  If your goal is to get a new job, well fuck we'll all put out feelers for you.  I dont care what your goal is, lets achieve greatness together.  Lets see how many goals we as a group can achieve in 2015.  Fill out the fucking form below and i'll post the list in January and we will as a group cross every fucking goal off.


PS: Papa's goal is to Finish Superior 100.  And People in this group are going to help me fucking get there.  So don't be afraid, share away!

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