Trail WhippAss 2015: Papa's Year In Review

2015 Was an epic year for sure.  The amount of new trail friends and faces that became friendly over the past year just blows me away.  I watched over the year as so many of you took aim at your dreams and achieved them with other WhippAsses by your side crewing, pacing, cheering you from afar.

Lets use this post to document all the great things that we did this year and the amazing things we achieved.  Ill start this post but everybody who wants to contribute send me a photo or an embed to a photo and your great moments from being part of this team and i'll add them (email papa @!

I myself had my own moment to shine.  I had one goal for 2015, finish Superior 100.  And I did, and i couldn't have done it without our own teammate Maggie sticking with me on a 50 mile 16 hour death march, and Kat's friendly face out at the aid stations was enough to keep a smile on my face (I also should mention i converted my family to represent!)

Theres something that happens when you get incredibly close to what you want more than anything else; a feeling, a...

Posted by Dylan Abrons Armajani on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rock The Ridge which is put on by our members Todd & Ken was another smashing success this year.  I had a massive 30 minute PR, but even more great was getting to watch Sally finish her first 50 miler!  I cannot tell you how proud I was to watch her finish!  To me this moment really embodied what team work is all about and what Kat and I founded this team on just over 2 years ago.


And what about all the races that we threw this year!  Officer Jim & Todd did a fantastic job throwing the Black Rock Races!  

And one of my favorite moments from Black Rock Races really demonstrates what this group of people can do!  Having never met before Alicia Hare came and paced Lorraine Anderson who was recovering from brain surgery.  My heart swelled with joy seeing this.  This is what teamwork is all about!

Another awesome race that we helped host was 10 hours of Treaxler put on by Ryan & Bryan!  It was awesome to see so many friendly faces and a superb event!  We will need to make it an annual thing!

Another great moment that I got to witness that Officer Jurgen reminded me of was the  24 Hour World Championships in which 4 of our teammates were competing (Maggie, Sky, Heike and Ante) and 4 teammates crewing (Myself, and officers Jurgen, KJ,and Otto).  While it wasn't a trail race, all of the ladies put up fantastic performances and it was great to see us all supporting them.  

Officer Heather had an epic year as well.  She recalls her two biggest moments of the year as "Completing my first 100 miler despite injury (Rocky Raccoon January 31, 2015) -- having tons of TWA support down in Texas!" and "After months and months of no running....FINALLY running another ultra (Greenbelt NYC Trail Festival 50K December 2015)"

Officer Destrie recalls that her top events of the year were:

  1. Montour 12hr night run (1st female and 2nd overall in the 12hr night division):
  2. Mt. Mitchell 40 mile Challenge
  3. DWG Fatass 50k

Officer Jurgen recalls his top memories from the year as:

  1. Heike represented TWA by wearing our visor at Spartathlon 2015 in Greece.
  2.  The best TWA miracle of 2015 in my book is Sky's comeback from injury. After she told me her diagnosis, I did research. The stress fracture was bad, but the torn cartilage was a real disaster. Usually people with that injury can never do sports again. And now Sky won two races within 1 week and destroyed Maggie's course record at Brxan Court by almost 40 minutes!
  3. My stats: I did 34 races representing TWA, including 16 full marathons, two 100 milers and 8 other ultras, paced 3 marathons representing TWA, ran my 100th marathon pacing Salzburg marathon in Austria and representing TWA, represented TWA at the German Ultramarathon Championships.

So send your top moments to and lets document everything great that happened in 2015!