It's 2015 so let's Meet a WhippAss!!

Happy New Year to all you WhippAsses!!

This is a very special Holiday edition of Meet a WhippAss!!

Today we are meeting someone who will always stand out in a crowd.

Staying classy

Staying classy

He curses more than anyone I know, isn't talented in spelling, a beast on the trails, our fearless leader and an all around fantastic guy.

He has been referred to as a young George Clooney and also has an alter ego named Papá (I'm pretty sure that means he's French).

On a serious note, Dylan Armajani has spent a tremendous amount of time trying to unify an amazing community of trail runners who share a common passion of running long distances. He welcomes runners of all speed, distances and terrain and has a way of making you feel good about DNF'ing a race! If he's not pacing his sister running her first trail 5K, he's pacing Maggie while she wins Viaduct 100 or delivering donuts to Otto while he's running for 3 days. 

I am lucky to be able to call him a good friend. 

Last summer I made Dylan come with me to the Vegan Festival all the way downtown!

Last summer I made Dylan come with me to the Vegan Festival all the way downtown!

First, what is your name?

My name is Dylan


Do you have a nickname? 

Some people say I remind them of a young George Clooney…. most people just call me Papa.

A young George Clooney. Do you see it??

A young George Clooney. Do you see it??


How old are you?



Where were you born? 

Portland Maine


Where are you living now? 



What do you do for a living? 

I am a Technical Account Manager for a Video related Startup.  I manage our relationship with Viacom, ESPN, NBA, MLB, WWE, and Vevo at the moment.


Do you speak any other languages?   

I barely speak english. 


What age did you start running? 

26 or 27.


Why did you start running? 

A challenge, nobody thought I could run a marathon and I wanted to try to raise some money for charity after my dad had a stroke.  I fucking proved them all wrong, and I raised about $12,000 in the process!


Why and when did you start running trails? 

I was a member of a road running team but our styles didn’t jive. Even though I was sort of speedy running for me was always about the accomplishment and the achievement and the personal nature of it. All they cared about was team points and age group victories and such.  


Do you have a running idol? If so, who is he/she and why are they your idol? 

I like to say I am my own running idol.  I’ve got my own dreams and goals and the me that believes in myself achieving those goals is my idol.

Dylan in Colorado running with Scott Jurek. No big deal.

Dylan in Colorado running with Scott Jurek. No big deal.


Where is the best place that you've run? or where was the most interesting place you've ever run?

Boulder & Mammoth Lakes CA so far have been my favorite place.  Even though I’m a lowlander and I become slow and can barely move up at altitude… i love the views and the scenery.  


Where was your most favorite race? 

Superior 100.  I DNF’d around mile 64.  Next year I plan to finish.  It was beautiful and it was the farthest I had ever run before.  It was an experience.


What's the longest trail distance you've ever run? 

See above.  64 gnarly miles.


What is your favorite trail distance to run 

50k is nice.  Farther than a marathon, you feel badass but your often done by lunch.


What's the most you've paid for a race? 

NYC marathon.  $900 in entry fees.  Don’t even ask.

Here's Dylan running in the race that cost him $900. I guess that's why he's not happy.

Here's Dylan running in the race that cost him $900. I guess that's why he's not happy.


Where is the farthest you've travelled for a race? 

I guess California… but i traveled for pleasure and just ran a race.  The race came second.


What's the highest elevation you've ever run?

Just shy of 13,000ft.  It was more of a “crawl"


What's the longest distance you've ever run on a treadmill? 

I have an incline trainer…. Last week I ran 50 miles on it.  I also ran 30 outside so thats kind of good?


What's your next trail running goal? Superior 100.  I’m gonna cross that finish line and give my parents the biggest hug for helping get me to the finish.  They are the best crew ever.  


Do you do something quirky when you're running? 

Sometimes I cry of happiness.  No joke.  I don’t know why, it just happens.  I get super happy and start fantasizing about finishing some big goal or dream and it just makes me so proud of myself and happy to be in the moment that I cry.  Shhh… don’t tell the ladies that.  I am single too.  You can tell them that.

I heard Dylan's buddy, Anton (Tony) Krupicka is a sensitive guy, too. 

I heard Dylan's buddy, Anton (Tony) Krupicka is a sensitive guy, too. 


What is your favorite pre-race meal? 

In the morning I generally just do a banana and a cliff bar.  Boring but it works for me.


What's your favorite food choice during ultras?

1-3 hour effort just a gel or two.  If its going to be longer I try to do a bar or something solid every hour.  


What's your favorite post race meal? 

Quinoa with veggies.  I’m a vegetarian also as an FYI.  That wasn’t the question but I answered it.


What can you not run without? 

My legs!  My arms are too weak to run on.

Dylan's arms aren't too weak to carry sticks though.

Dylan's arms aren't too weak to carry sticks though.


What's on your mind when you cross a finish line?  Depends.  If its a looped course I am super happy to be done.  I don’t do well with loops.  For me its about adventuring and I get bored seeing the same thing twice.  Sometimes i’m sad its over.  I love coconut water, usually i’m psyched to drink one!


If anyone in the world could congratulate you at the end of a race who would it be and why? 

My family I guess.  Someday I would like to have a little boy or a little girl and I would like to run across a finish line with them.  I can’t imagine how proud that would make me.  I’d like them to see that anything is possible with a little bit of work and that you can define your life to be whatever you want it to be.


Do you have a running philosophy? If so, what is it? 

Run Careless & Run Free.  Running is what you make of it and what you want to make of it.  I think you should just go out and do whatever makes you happy, and getting in touch with nature is great to do at the same time.  If you like to run awesome, if you like to fast hike, awesome, if you like to slow hike awesome.  I just feel like we all should reattach ourselves to nature, and however you do it is fine with me.


What's your preferred terrain to run?

A. Road

B. Flat rail trail

C. Rolling hills single track

D. Gnarly roots and rocks with tons of elevation gain Oh yeah… this gets me going.

E. Combination of above 


Do you own any TWA gear? If so, which one is your favorite? (If not, why don't you??) 

I own at least 20 singlets and a bunch of hats, and visors, and really everything that anybody has ever had made. 


If you could have any superhero power what would it be? 

I’d like to physically be unbreakable.  I tend to have knee problems and I often wonder what I could do if I wouldn't break.


If you could go anywhere on the planet for free where would it be? 

The moon!  Oh shit… that’s not on earth.


What was the most badass thing you've ever done? 

I started this fucking running club with some good friends. We call ourselves Trail WhippAss. Have you heard of them?

Yes, I have. Trails are my home. WhippAss is my tribe.

Yes, I have. Trails are my home. WhippAss is my tribe.


How did you hear of or become a Trail WhippAss (TWA)? 

Being Papa Trail WhippAss is my baby. I knocked this badass woman up and TWA popped out.

Why do you have a lion tattooed on your shoulder? 

This was his answer