Notes From Papa: Feb28th 2015

Hi Team,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on a few things.  Consider this a regular "State Of Trail WhippAss (T.W.A) Address."  I say all this in full disclosure and openness.  We want to make this club the most badass legit group of fuckers around, and are working on some big things.  

This team has so far existed solely out of the love our my heart.  The club has never made a dollar off of anybody, and has thus far existed out of money that falls out of my wallet when I go running and forget to zip up the back of my backpack.  That being said, its time to take things to the next level and become a legit organization.  Because of this I have a few announcements to make.

1: K & Destri have joined The Trail WhippAss board to help with finances and are now board members and will be helping make TWA independent from my loose change.

2: In order to actually try to generate some funds for the club (so that we can have special club outings and do good as a club and pay for things like our website and buying of new inventory) pricing of all items will increase on March 1st.  So if you want to buy what we have in inventory right now for a price cheaper than it will be in a few days, buy it now at

3: In order to make you want to buy stuff (besides you just wanting to look fucking hot and sexy as you run them miles representing TWA) we are launching a website where you can track your miles that count towards the belt buckle program.  A reminder of this program is every time you run a race (trail race that is) wearing Trail WhippAss swag your miles will add up.  When you hit certain milestones (250 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles...etc) you will be eligible to buy these beautiful belt buckles that we also are will be able to unveil shortly.  By clicking the "BUCKLE UP" tab in our navigation bar you will go to this page where you can track your miles.  You will need to register, be given access, and then you should enter your races as "TWA Buckle Races"

4: Once we get the club setup with its own bank account we will be making more inventory available with more sizes...etc.  IE: More swag, more ways for you to represent, more ways for you to earn miles towards them buckles.

5: I fucking love you all.  Any questions, comments, concerns...etc.  leave em in the comments section of this thread.

6: We also are working on looking into holding our own race & also some fun run / family BBQs once the snow melts. 

7: We do have non profit status.  If you want to just help us generate some funds so we can do cool stuff and not be broke.


Papa WhippAss