A little over six months ago Kat and myself quit a road running team and founded Trail WhippAss. At the time we didn't know what we were starting but we knew the ideals that we wanted to run by. A place where everybody was celebrated and accomplishment was recognized not only by speed or distance or finishing place but by heart, grit, and a profound love for the trails. In shorthand ‪#‎RunCareless‬ ‪#‎RunFree‬

As we have watched this group grow organically we have been thrilled at all the new friends we have made and the group of really fantastic talented runners that we have brought together into one Facebook forum. But we want to be more than that...

Thinking back to March 23rd (Papa WhippAsses Birthday) I remember the first day that Trail WhippAss represented it's colors and hit the trails in mass. Jun OttoShelbyElaineRudy, Gerald, Jürgen and of course Kat all raced wearing the TWA singlet. For one weekend we were more than just a forum of runners, we were friends, family, a team.

We have come to realize that we would rather be smaller in numbers than larger if it means that those who are members are committed to our ideals and are for lack of a better word our "Trail Family."

We have adopted a set of guidelines that can be found here:http://www.trailwhippass.com/membership-pledge

We ask that you review and if you would like to join our family you fill out the form at the bottom.

If not on Sept. 1st we will be removing all those from this Facebook group that have not signed it. Please recognize we have nothing against those that choose not to sign it and we look forward to joining you and sharing many happy trails with you in the future.

Trail WhippAss Leadership