Dylan's Superior 2017


It all started On September 7 2013...

when I first heard about Superior 100.  A 103.3 point to point journey through the Minnesota back country that prides itself on being Rugged, Relentless, and Remote with ~42,000 feet of elevation change.

The truth is - I'm undertrained.... to be heading in to such an epic challenge - but I believe in two things.

  • There is such a thing as positive energy in this world.
  • It's hard to quit when your doing something not only for yourself - but for others.

Which brings me to this:  On Friday Sept 8th 2017 I'am asking 50 of you to put on a sweet custom hat (that will be delivered right to your doorstep free of charge) and run or walk 2 miles.  Take a selfie and post it on my Facebook page (you should probably friend me first - or if your one of those that doesn't do Facebook send it to somebody who does or text it to me).  If the struggle gets tough - your positive miles and fun selfies might just help turn into positive miles for me.

Second off - for each person that completes the challenge i'll donate $103.30 to The Open Space Institute to help preserve the wilds that we all love.

If your willing to take part and help support me - Just fill out the form below and a sweet hat will show up on your doorstep before Sept 8th 2017 and then the rest is easy for you :)