Trail WhippAss is proud to announce the Buckle Up program.  Officers Otto & Jurgen are working on building a comprehensive website that will help you track your miles, but in the meantime this is how it works.

So what is the "Buckle Up" Program.

When you represent Trail WhippAss by racing wearing a TWA Singlet or Visor or other significant representation you get to count your miles towards the program.  When you reach certain milestones (250/500/1000/2500/5000 Miles) you will be able to purchase beautiful custom buckles that we will encourage you to wear to all non running (or running if you want) Trail WhippAss events.

  1. In order for a race to count it needs to be considered a trail race.  Use your judgement for those that are "complicated". 
  2. In order for the miles to count you need to be representing Trail WhippAss by wearing a visor or singlet or other significant form of representation.  
  3. If you DNF the miles you successfully completed while representing TWA count.  

Until the new website is launched, please use the form below to submit your miles and I will track them in a spreadsheet I will make public.  Once the new website is launched you will be able to do so manually.  If you have any questions please email Officers@TrailWhippAss.com, and also if you want to submit any photos of you representing TWA on the trails you can send to me at Papa@TrailWhippAss.Com!


Images of the first 250 level buckle and 500 level buckle will be available in early 2015 along with Ordering Instructions for those who have qualified.

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